Friday, September 4, 2009

DIY Steve McQueen Belt Buckle

Coco pictured in her DIY Steve McQueen shirt, too!
I'VE SEEN A STEVE MCQUEEN belt buckle show up on Ebay a few times. I never bid on it because it looked like something I could make myself.

I was in Schatzlein Saddle Shop in the Lyn/Lake neighborhood of Minneapolis and found a pink belt WITH buckle on sale for $3.90! The buckle had a giant silver letter I on it, but for this project it didn't matter.

This was a deal I could not pass up, as when I shopped for belt buckles in the months leading up to now, buckles alone proved to be a little on the expensive side.

How I made my buckle:

• Pried off the I with a screw driver
• Peeled off the pink vinyl -- it peeled off without any trouble at all!
• Picked out a photo online of Steve McQueen that I thought would look great on the buckle
• Printed off the photo
• Applied two coats of Mod Podge to adhere and seal the image to the buckle

And here we have it! Can you guess what movie this image is from?

PS. The braided rim of the buckle is part of the original buckle, I just forgot to take a photo of it before I tore off the I and the pink vinyl.


Ang said...

Love it!

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Raven said...

omg! that's awesome! you're very talented!